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What are the warning signs of this change in the global economy? Which companies are involved in major environmental issues? What are the most important training tools that will enable companies to be part of this new global deal? Finally, what will be the real impact in terms of job creation, even though the ILO - the international labour organisation - is announcing that the ecological transition could create up to 60 million jobs by 2030?



  • Thérèse Vejda, Director of the International School of Management of Paris (EIMP)
  • Gnanki Dokoto, Director of the consulting agency GDB CONSULTING. Head of Development Africa of the Renewable Energy Management Program
  • Pierre Radanne, Expert on energy and ecological issues, specialist in energy policies to combat climate change
  • Roland Portella, Corporate Director, President of CADE (Coordination for Africa of Tomorrow)

The International School of Management of Paris (EIMP), introduces some of its speakers as part of its MBA Manager of Renewable Energy Projects. http://www.eimparis.com/presentation-de-certains-de-nos-intervenants-mba-mpener/ Gnanki DOKOTO Specialized in marketing and business strategies, director of the firm GDB CONSULTING. She is also a partner of Five Conseil. She teaches industrial marketing within the MPER MBA at EIMP.


"30 entrepreneurial paths" written by Cécile HANS. A book that looks back at the exceptional career of active entrepreneurs who fought to start their own business.

GDBCONSULTING has been recognized for its 10 years of experience on the African and European continents, where we operate as a company created and managed by men and women from several cultures.


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